Freac: edf-to-esperanto converter for the ID11 beamline

Information and requirements

Freac is an open source program written in Python and C which converts ID11 EDF images into the packed ESPERANTO format accepted by Crysalis. It automatically recalculates all the needed angles into the κ-geometry convention.
The source code is is covered by the GPLv3 license and freely available at the mercurial repository:


The latest version

The latest version is 2018.6.5.

All-in-one Windows x64 executable: freac.exe

To run the compiled versions in Windows you may need to install the

Older versions


If you have installed Python 3.4+ on your computer, you may install Freac just using pip:

pip install freac

Beforehand you need to install PyQt5:

pip install PyQt5
On Windows you may need the MS Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 to compile the C-extensions.


Parameter description

  • Base dir is a directory where you have a set of multirun EDF frames. Every set is processed separately.

  • Flood, spline and dark files. All of them are very much recommended, especially the spline file. Ask your local contact for them.
  • λ in Å, you should know that.

  • φ. This option relies on the EDF header key ‘hphi’. If there is no such key in the header, then φ is considered 0°. Leave the field empty if you want to process all the measured φ angles. If you are going to process just some angles, say 90° and 270° out of 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°, then put in the field 90 270 (the numbers should be space-separated).
  • κ = -60° if you use φ-axis in EH1. Otherwise κ = 0° (see angle correspondence).

  • ω0 and Δω. If you have Omega and OmegaStep keys in the EDF header, you do not need to worry about these parameters, just switch them off. If you do not have proper headers, you should specify these parameters yourself.
  • Pixel size of the detector in meters, it must be precise.

  • Sample-to-detector distance in meters, there is no need to make it precise, you will refine it in Crysalis.

  • x0 and y0 are the beam center, there is no need in precision.

Angle correspondence and κ-geometry convention

  • κ or χ
    • ID11 EH1 with φ-axis: χID11 ∝ κCrysalis = -60°

    • ID11 EH1 without φ-axis and EH3: κ = 0°

  • ωCrysalis = -ωID11 - 160°.

  • φCrysalis = φID11.

Change log

  • 2018.6.5
    • Minor bug fixes concerning omega step not equal to 1 degree;