The object which operates the Eurotherm controlling a standard ESRF hot gas blower or the Hermann's heater. (Blower script source code)

In Pylatus Script editor the blower object is already imported into Python interpreter, but if you have external .py files, then you can import it as:

from auxygen_blower import PyBlower

blower = PyBlower()

Instance methods:


blower.ramp(temperature, ramp_rate)

Creates a sequence action to ramp the blower to the temperature with the ramp rate of ramp_rate. Temperature interval is from 20 C to 1000 C (float), ramp rate is from 1 to 1000 C/min.



Creates a sequence action to wait for the temperature specified in the blower.ramp. If the optional parameter temperature (float) is not None, then blower waits until temperature is reached.

For some samples (often damaged by x-rays) it is useful not to measure all the time but at certain temperatures without stopping the ramp, i.e.

blower.ramp(1000, 10)
for t in range(100, 1001, 10):

Then we would measure diffraction every 10 C with permanent ramp.