GIuSAXS: GISAXS and GIWAXS data viewer


GIuSAXS is a tool to inspect GISAXS and GIWAXS data. The program is made in collaboration between:

  • Giuseppe Portale, Zernike Institute for advanced Materials at the University of Groningen;
  • Daniel Hermida Merino, Dubble@ESRF;
  • Eduardo Solano, ALBA;
  • Vadim Diadkin, SNBL@ESRF.

GIuSAXS is open source software covered by the GPLv3 license. GIuSAXS is funded by Dubble@ESRF.


To run GIuSAXS in Windows you may need to install the MS Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2019.

The Linux version of the GIuSAXS is compiled in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, thus it should work in any rather new distributions.

Source code:

Source code is freely available at the git repository:


  • 2023.1.31 - v0.2.1:

    • Export processed data as EDF.
  • 2022.1.7 - v0.2.0:

    • Listing directories using arrow keys or tool buttons (#2).
    • Serialization of parameters to be applied on another directory (#3).
  • 2021.11.12 - v0.1.0:

    • Reading a PONI file for geometry calculations.
    • Ewald sphere corrections for qz vs qr.
    • Sequential calculation of the cuts and storing them in ASCII files.
    • Calculation of transmission.
  • 2021.3.10 - v0.0.1

    • Initial release of the version, rewritten in C++.
  • 2017.10.23 (24a6613848e0)

    • Support for Bruker images.
  • 2017.10.22 (4793fe9afb8b)

    • View menu to switch back the docks.
    • Minor fixes.
  • 2017.4.29 (dc1272d9cf36)

    • Initial release.