Medved (Modulation-Enhanced Diffraction Viewer and EDitor) is software that allows a user to load a number of powder patterns (standard two- or three-column ASCII data files) or hkl files (in SHELX format), inspect them separately or together, calculate Fourier transforms (using fast Fourier transform algorithms) and inspect separate harmonics as well as their real or imaginary parts.

If you use this program please cite this paper: Frequency analysis for modulation-enhanced powder diffraction.

Medved is open source software covered by the GPLv3 license.


To run Medved in Windows you may need to install the the MS Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2019.

The Linux version of Medved is compiled in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, thus it should work in any rather new distributions. It will probably not work in CentOS or similar "conservative" distributions.

The macOS version of Medved is compiled in Mac OS X 10.15.7.

Source code

Medved source code is freely available at the git repositories:


  • 2023.3.1 - v2.3.0:

    • Save Fourier data as text files.
  • 2021.9.17 - v2.2.0:

    • The crosshair size can be adjusted to cover the actually integrated area (View->Adjust crosshair size).
    • Export vertical cut and 2d images.
    • Fit vertical cut with pseudo-Voigt function (Process->Fit...).
    • Fourier is calculated only on-demand (i.e. when the Fourier tab is switched).
  • 2020.5.17 - v2.1.0:

    • Medved opens patterns in parallel.
    • If the directory with data contained non pattern files, they might have appeared in the data dock. Fixed.
    • When the image is zoomed enough, Medved shows the pixel value for the all visible pixels.
  • 2020.1.14 - v2.0.0:

    • Major version change to 2
    • The core is rewritten in C++, the performance is significantly boosted
    • Reload button
    • Auto-reload option (only in Linux and macOS), Medved automatically loads newly created patterns
    • Changeable size of the cuts
  • 2017.11.20.1 (d5fbc19b6f0e)

    • New UI
    • Fix update checking
    • Fix for the crash when a new dataset is loaded
  • 2017.9.12.1 (401e64c7806c)

    • Minor bug fixes
  • 2017.9.12 (88aaf6d3b2e4)

    • MEDVED checks updates at
    • New UI based on standard Qt widgets
    • Fourier calculations are done n times faster now, where n is a number of loaded files
    • Fixing the About window: new website; the links are clickable now
    • Fourier view correctly shows plot ticks when switches something->phase->something
    • Refactoring of the code
    • Minor bug fixes
  • 2016.12.2 (a807bc7b7cc8)

    • Porting to Qt5
    • Small improvements