The object which operates the remote IO BrainBoxes devices. (BrainBoxes script source code)

In Pylatus Script editor the brainboxes object is already imported into Python interpreter, but if it is going to be called from an external .py file, then the manual import is needed:

from auxygen_brainboxes import PyBrainBoxes
brainboxes = PyBrainBoxes()

Instance methods:


brainboxes.setInput(address, channel, value, *, timeout=0, now=False)

Creates a sequence action (if now==False) which sets the input channel of a BrainBoxes device with address to value. The value equals to 0 is interpreted as off, anything else is on. If timeout is not 0, then the input will be set to the inverted value after timeout milliseconds.

If now==True, the sequence action is not created, but the command is run immediately (no sequence action mode).