SNBL Toolbox

SNBL Toolbox

SNBL Toolbox is a set of useful programs for Pilatus data. If you use this program please cite this paper: A new multipurpose diffractometer PILATUS@SNBL

SNBL Toolbox is open source software covered by the GPLv3 license.


To run the SNBL Toolbox in Windows you may need to install the MS Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2019.

The Linux version of the SNBL Toolbox is compiled in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, thus it should work in any rather new distributions.

Source code

Source code is freely available at the git repositories:


  • 2022.8.3 - v2.3.5:

    • Fiewer correctly displays detector gaps for Dectris Eiger.
    • Fiewer can open Eiger frames from ID11@ESRF.
    • Fiewer: fixed an issue when the shown image is one more pixel stretched than it should be.
    • Fiewer can sum up frames in multiframe files (usually, Eiger HDF5) and export them as one EDF.
    • HeadEx can now extract the Pressure header key.
  • 2022.4.20 - v2.3.4:

    • Fix regression in Crysis (since v2.2.4): Crysis creates a not containing mask file for Pilatus detectors.
    • Converter now uses AVX and AVX2 CPU instructions which may stop Toolbox working on old computers.
  • 2022.1.26 - v2.3.3:

    • Fix Fiewer regressions:
      • not showing any angular information for CBF files #12.
      • bad units for Bubble cakes #13.
  • 2022.1.7 - v2.3.2:

    • Fix Fiewer crashes when a Bubble cake is not square #11.
    • Fiewer can open pyFAI generated HDF5 files.
    • HeadEx: extract header values from EDF files.
  • 2021.11.26 - v2.3.1

    • Converter: fix incorrect summing of angle increments for periodical binnings.
    • Converter: fix a possible crash if user deletes files from the list for conversion.
  • 2021.10.28 - v2.3.0

    • Fiewer shows cakes produces by Bubble bubbles #7.
    • Converter: improve the speed of file scanning when adding an enormous amount of files.
  • 2021.6.29 - v2.2.6

    • Fiewer watches for newly appearing files (even on Windows)
    • Fiewer can open tiff files with int32 values (usually Pilatus tiff)
    • HeadEx can extract calibrated blower temperature: use Blower_calibrated in the list
  • 2021.1.27 - v2.2.5

    • Fix regression in Converter: very slow file scanning
  • 2020.12.16 - v2.2.4

    • Crysis: fix multiruns with KuMa-like kappa goniometer
    • Converter: CBF 'Count_cutoff' header key is summed up while binning
    • Fiewer: fix remembering to many arrow key clicks while listing heavy frames
  • 2020.10.8 - v2.2.3

    • Converter: Gandolfi-like binning for multi-temperature single crystal scans
    • Fiewer: display angular information for CBF frames
  • 2020.9.1 - v2.2.2

    • Converter: fix incorrect binning of CBF frames periodically on Windows and MacOS
  • 2020.8.26 - v2.2.1

    • Converter: fix incorrect binning of CBF frames
  • 2020.5.17 - v2.2.0

    • Fiewer: new frame formats:
      • Agilent esperanto, raw frames and packed with AGI_BITFIELD;
      • TIFF;
      • Dectris Eiger HDF5;
    • Fiewer: fix various memory leaks happened when playing frames back and forward
    • Fiewer: smart file sorting
  • 2020.5.17 - v2.1.0

    • A new tool: Fiewer - the frame viewer. Fiewer is supposed to be a fast tool to show images. It is able to jump between frame files or frames inside a multiframe file (using tool buttons or keyboard arrow keys) sorting files in lexical order. Fiewer support frame types such as:

      • EDF: all primitive types, multiframed files. Packed (gzip, etc) EDF format is not supported;
      • CBF from Dectris Pilatus;
      • Bruker format;
      • Mar (non-spiral);
      • JungFrau: only if master header in HDF5 format exists;
      • Fit2D masks;
    • Converter: fix naming scheme while binning periodical datasets

  • 2020.2.21 - v2.0.10

    • Converter: properly sum up the header keys for merged frames
  • 2019.4.15 - v2.0.9 (a9c76dfce9c6ac07789341fef61d902b01aa8071)

    • Converter: fix wrong MD5 sum in merged CBF files, then ALBULA can open CBF files after the Toolbox again
    • Converter: set negative intensities to the requested value even for one converted frame
    • Converter: check the flux value for zero, otherwise a CBF header could have a 'nan' value for flux
  • 2019.4.8 - v2.0.8 (70c41a5636f91804c299395e658cc7c344ad299f)

    • Fix wrong update message
    • Minor internal fixes for performance
  • 2019.1.21 - v2.0.6 (ea5930cd008a856a6bbbeaa9dfbd1a51bb6b4454)

    • SNBL Toolbox is rewritten in C++ and changes version from 1 to 2
    • Crysis accepts a par file as a template for all processed directories
    • To start from scratch, Crysis can remove all old files processed by Crysalis before. Use attentively!
    • Converter can normalize the final frame on the Flux counter or the median value
    • Various small fixes
  • 2018.2.27

    • 3DV: fix Windows bugs
    • HeadEx: fix progress bar
    • HeadEx: fix not working stop button
  • 2018.1.16 (7b5973dbceb9)

    • HeadEx can return CBF time as Unix time (number of seconds since January 1, 1970)
    • HeadEx reads cbf files using multiple threads
  • 2018.1.15 (6219065f6a4b)

    • Fix various crashes in HeadEx
    • New look for HeadEx
  • 2017.12.14 (c302bcd79ef6)

    • Crysis and Converter do not crash if there is an OS error (read-only filesystem, for example)
    • 3DV does not create layers with just zeros on Windows
    • SNBL Toolbox checks the updates from
  • 2017.8.23 (344b86e56f28)

    • Comply with new cryio API.
    • Since August 24, 2017 Pylatus changes the position of the beam center to comply not with Fit2D (as before) but with Albula and pyFAI. Thus, crysis can now correctly handle the old and the new data.
    • crysis shows the whole progress now.